Various Manifestation of Anger

Anger, just like other emotions needs a way to get out of our system. If not dealt with constructively it can manifest itself in a host of avatars. Below are some that most of us have witnessed from close quarters.

1. Road Rage
2. Spouse Beating/Failed Marriages
3. Drug Addiction
4. Low Self Esteem
5. Eating Disorders
6. Depression
7. Suicidal Tendencies
8. Anger at Workplace
9. Child Abuse

Our society will afford us many more chances to witness the above. Let’s attack the root cause not the external symptoms.

For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.– Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Mindfulness of Breathing

The main focus in Mindful Meditation is breathing and concentrating on your breath as it enters and exits your body. The objective is a non judging calm awareness that allows the thoughts and feelings to come and go.

For those of you who’d like to experience it first hand, try the below for a few days. You’ll start observing the positive effects within a week.

1. Sit with your legs crossed and a straight spine.
2. Breathe in and out at a comfortable pace without holding the breath.
3. Concentrate on your breathing. Try to feel the air as you inhale and exhale.
4. Let the thoughts, emotions and external disturbances occur. Give them the space to come and go without getting involved.
5. When the mind wanders, make note of it and try to gently get your concentration back to your breathing.
6. Start with a 10 minute daily session and work your way up.

It is natural for your mind to drift away and get caught up in thoughts. There’s plenty in the world to think about and our minds are highly prone to distraction. Slowly get your attention back to your breathing whenever you realize your mind is getting distracted. Mindfulness teaches mind to be aware of itself and and gives us control over our thoughts.

As the saying goes “I think therefore I am”. Our thoughts shape us and our world.

Be Mindful, Be Aware.

Angry? Need Help?

Getting angry often? Do trivial things push you off the edge? Do you regret what you did when you were angry? Is your anger affecting your life and of those around you?

A “yes” to any of the above questions is a sign that you may need professional help. Like any other ailment, too much anger adversely affects us and our close ones. And like any other ailment, seeking professional help can mitigate the negative effects and improve the quality of your life.

Too much anger is a disorder that can be cured with a little counselling and a little effort from your side. Anger is a sign to too much stress, anxiety and unresolved issues. These external factors that incite us must be dealt with but what one must realise is that any situation can be handled better with a calm mind than with an agitated one.

We all desire an anxiety free, stress free and anger free environment to work/live in. The idea is to do our part in making it one.

So if you need help with your anger – actively seek it. If someone you know needs it – assist them.