Our licensed professionals utilize high impact, evidence based techniques. Clients will learn tools and strategies to positively impact their current situation.

Our Services

For over 15 years, the professionals at Anger Management Experts (AME) have provided training and coaching communication skills, anger management, conflict resolution and dealing with difficult people. We are goal directed, action oriented and outcome focused. We believe strategy coupled with emotional management is vital for career enhancement.

AME offers one on one coaching for self-referred individuals or those referred by their organizations.

We offer onsite workshops and presentations on anger, dealing with difficult people and lethality assessment in the workplace. We also provide these trainings at our office. Trainings are specifically developed to meet the needs of the organization.

For one on one or group coaching, we used evidence-based approaches to emotional management. Along with teaching tools and strategies to address anger, AME utilizes an integrated approach that goes beyond addressing just anger. During our assessment we look at several different areas that impact the individuals beliefs and behaviors. We will customize a plan of action and ongoing practice that goes beyond the meetings and trainings with us.

  • Individuals will leave with self-confidence and the necessary tools for emotional management.
  • People around our client(s) will see significant shifts in behaviors, attitude and communication skills.
  • Confidentiality is key.